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Scott Wall is the Founder and President of All Clear Security Consulting & Private Investigations, L.L.C.

Scott began a career in emergency medical services at the age of 18.  He became a Nationally Registered Paramedic and worked full-time for Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Scott was a field training officer and a founding member of the MEMS STAR Team.  The STAR Team provides tactically trained paramedics to local, state and federal SWAT Teams.  Scott also worked at Medflight helicopter service as a flight paramedic flying on scene flights and critical care transports.


While continuing to work in emergency medical services, Scott began a career in law enforcement, working for multiple law enforcement agencies including the Arkansas State Police.  Since Scott was a paramedic, he was immediately assigned to the State Police SWAT Team as a Paramedic/SWAT Operator.  


After 9/11, Scott became a United States Federal Air Marshal flying covert missions to keep passengers and domestic airlines safe from terrorists.  He performed counter-terrorism techniques while in airports and on aircrafts.  Provided in-flight security as a covert federal air marshal as well as assessed flight environments and passenger behavior.

Scott was the first Senior Medical Officer for the Federal Air Marshal Service in the Dallas/Fort Worth Field Office.  Scott designed the medical program from the ground up and routinely taught hundreds of federal air marshals in all aspects of emergency medicine.  


His federal law enforcement career spanned over 20 years with Scott working for the Social Security Administration - Office of Inspector General, (SSA-OIG).  He investigated fraud, waste and abuse against the Social Security Administration programs as well as identity theft.  Due to Scott's investigative diligence and work ethic he routinely saved the Social Security Administration over a million dollars each year.  Additionally, Scott was the firearms instructor and defensive tactics instructor for his office.  He was also assigned to the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force for eight years and was instrumental in training deputy marshals in close quarters battle tactics and tactical medicine.  


Scott went on to work for the United States Postal Service - Office of Inspector General.  Scott investigated worker's compensation fraud, internal mail theft, financial embezzlement cases as well narcotics trafficking investigations.  He received numerous awards for his investigations and solved many complex cases.  Scott was promoted as the National Threat Management Coordinator responsible for policy development and training for approximately 500 special agents nationwide.  He developed the first ever Emergency Medical Program for the USPS-OIG.   Scott was instrumental in training special agents in firearms along with close quarter battle tactics, defensive tactics as well as medical procedures to include administration of Narcan, treating gunshot wounds and certifying all special agent in CPR and the AED.

In March 2022, Scott retired after 31 years in law enforcement and over 35 years as a paramedic.   

He desires to teach everyday citizens some of the same life saving techniques he previously taught to law enforcement officers.  Whether it is the result of a violent act or a home accident, the skills and techniques have proven to save lives.  


Don't wait, contact All Clear Security Consulting & Private Investigations today!

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